A 10-Day Odyssey through the Sporades Islands and Meteora

Experience lush landscapes, turquoise coves, and traditional charm as we discover the flavors & traditions of real Greece

September 23 - October 3, 2024

Get ready to experience Greece like never before

Sunset in Alonnisios Island, Sporades Greece

A unique food and culture adventure awaits you

Welcome to an unforgettable 10-night journey through Greece, where every moment promises discovery, delight, and unparalleled experiences. Our adventure begins amidst the sun-kissed islands of Skiathos, Skopelos, and Alonissos, where azure waters meet pristine beaches and charming villages beckon exploration. From there, we’ll venture inland to Pelion’s lush landscapes, where verdant mountainsides and traditional tavernas await. But the wonders don’t end there – our journey culminates in the awe-inspiring enclave of Meteora, where ancient monasteries perch atop towering rock formations. Throughout our odyssey, immerse yourself in Greece’s authentic essence, savoring mouthwatering local cuisine and sampling the finest produce. With a private host accompanying us every step of the way, it’s time to sit back, relax, and savor the journey of a lifetime. 


Hidden coves in Sporades Islands Greece


Makrinitsa village Pelion Greece



Trip Highlights


Embark on an epicurean journey across Greece with our ‘Sporades, Pelion & Meteora’ tour – a 10-day culinary and scenic adventure that brings together the stunning coastline of the Sporades islands, the mystical allure of Meteora, and the lush regions of Pelion. Begin on the sun-soaked shores of Skiathos, renowned for its dazzling beaches and equally tantalizing seaside cuisine that captures the taste of Mediterranean life.

Continue to the verdant island of Skopelos, where Greece’s food culture truly shines. Experience traditional Greek island life that blossoms in winding lanes brimming with local taverns. Let Skopelos’ azure waters, emerald landscapes, charming locals, and the flavors that inspired choice scenes from ‘Mamma Mia’ enchant you. Venture off the beaten path to the natural paradise of Alonissos, home to untouched landscapes and the protected National Marine Park. Amidst the island’s breathtaking biodiversity, savor the simplicity and freshness of Alonissos’ culinary offerings, a well-kept gastronomic secret away from the tourist trail.

The magical land of Pelion awaits next, an unexplored retreat chosen by the Olympian Gods for their own leisure. Here, we will explore quaint villages surrounded by forested mountain slopes and enjoy delightful local cuisine. Finally, marvel at Meteora, an awe-inspiring spectacle where ancient monasteries sit atop soaring rock pillars. Embrace the spiritual serenity as you sample timeless recipes adapted by the monks over centuries.

This ‘Sporades, Pelion & Meteora’ tour is more than just a holiday – it’s a gastronomic odyssey interwoven with cultural exploration and historical discovery, dedicated to the timeless elegance and vibrant culinary traditions of Greece. Each step unfurls a new chapter, each day a fresh exploration. Join us to create sumptuous memories that will remain in your heart long after the savory tastes have left your lips!

Your journey devouring the best of Greece takes you to: SkiathosSkopelosAlonissosPelionMeteoraAthens.

What's Included


  • Arrive and settle into your accommodation
  • Welcome dinner, meet your host and fellow travelers
  • Breakfast and check out 
  • Ferry to Skopelos
  • Settle into accommodation 
  • Private cooking class and dinner 
  • Private walking tour 
  • Private pottery demonstration and a workshop 
  • Free afternoon 
  • Dinner with live music
  • Sailing excursion to Alonissos
  • Meze and refreshments on board 
  • Alonissos pie demonstration and lunch at a local family tavern
  • Breakfast and check out 
  • Ferry to Volos 
  • Mezedes & Tsipouro discovery meal
  • Hotel Check in
  • Engage in activities such as olive oil and herbal tasting, going for an easy walk in a beautiful nature path, explore the charming villages and local culture of Pelion
  • Dinner included
  • Visit a women’s cooperative, where local artisans showcase their culinary prowess through a delectable meal crafted from fresh, locally sourced ingredients.
  • Pelion Villages tour
  • Wine tasting and light lunch
  • Private Sunset Meteora tour 
  • Group Dinner
  • Private Truffle Hunting including lunch
  • Free late afternoon/evening
  • Lunch on our way to Athens
  • Farewell dinner 
  • Overnight in Athens

Essential Information


A 10-Day Odyssey through Sporades, Pelion, and Meteora

Create memories and discover the flavors & traditions of real Greece

September 23 - October 3, 2024

$4850 per person / double occupancy

*Singles available, contact us