Some people are pure gold

Mrs. Toula,
We live our lives, we meet people, we make acquaintances and then we find some special people.
It’s like panning for gold. You get a pan full of sand and rocks, you dip it i the water, swish it around, get rid of the sand and the rocks, and, there, in the bottom of that pan, there is a speck of gold. Sometimes it may be a nugget, sometimes nothing, nonetheless, out of all that dirt and stones you may end up with gold.
That is Mrs. Toula. In her 80s now, a lot shorter that she used to be, wears a brace for her back, can’t see too well, but she still got it! She can rock in the kitchen.
When I asked her if she liked cooking, she straightened, looked me in the eye and told me “It gives me life!”
A widow for most of her adult life raised two boys from the age of 4 and 6 on her wits, her cooking and mostly on her good nature.
That’s what you get when you go to Mrs. Toula’s. We have to call her ahead to make arrangements, but what we get in the end is a warm welcome, a great meal, some great stories of things gone by…
A real golden opportunity!