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We’re Carole & Basil, partners in life, partners in travel. The Cliff Notes version of our story is below.

Adventurous American girl meets romantic aspiring Greek writer boy.

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About us

Choosing the right travel advisor

Is it time to hire a travel advisor for my trip to Greece?

Travel as we knew it has changed. DYI planning may be ok for a weekend escape to New York or for a week’s break at the beach on the coast of Lake Michigan, but a trip to Greece involves lots of coordination.

We hear it repeatedly from new clients: “I always planned my own trips”, “it was easy to research online and click and book”.

“But now, everything is so overwhelming. Where to start? How to book, coordinate and monitor all of the tiny details surrounding this trip?”

Information overload. It’s the number #2 reason clients hire Real Greece Travel to plan and manage their trips to Greece.

What to look for in a travel advisor

Choose an advisor is wants to learn about you and your traveling companions.

Choose an advisor who is able to really understand what you’re looking for. 

Choose an advisor who is available during the planning, booking & pre-travel stage, someone who’s available around your own time zone.

Choose an expert in the area you will be traveling.

Choose an advisor who really has close in country connections.

Choose an advisor with an on the ground, in country team who will be accessible, available and verifiably responsive for the duration of your trip.

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About Us

Before you opt to use our services we'd like to tell you a bit about ourselves

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