The Hills of Athens (With Wine & Mezedes!)

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You’ll never believe the things you’d miss right under your nose! This quiet tour through the Old City and historic Plaka neighborhood takes you just a little bit off the beaten bath. A treasure trove for the historically inclined, you’ll be guided through places rarely explored by tourists, combined with a wine and meze picnic.

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Cost is $57.50/person or $145 minimum (37.50 for children 10 & under).

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All about the The Hills of Athens (With Wine & Mezedes!).

The Hills of Athens is a leisurely private walking tour exploring the perimeter of the old city, using the natural urban landscape as your route. Yes, you’ll explore the historic Plaka neighborhood, one of the very oldest parts of the city itself, but you’ll also venture where few other tourists ever do. Here, you’ll travel through history: this journey takes you to a Cycladic island in the city center, to the place where Democracy itself began. At the end, you’ll have a picnic with wine and mezedes, all while looking over the breathtaking center of the historic city.

  1. Pickup From Apartment

    This is a walking tour that will take roughly a half a day (four hours), so your guide will meet you at your apartment in the mid morning or afternoon to begin your walk!

  2. The Hills of Athens Ardittou & Lykavittos

    No journey through Athens would be complete without getting the big picture. So, as the title suggests, you’ll start your tour by ascending two of the slopes dotting the center of the city, giving you along the way a nice walk, a dramatic view, and a panorama of what you’ll see next.

  3. Syntagma Square From Tall to Flat

    On the way to your next destination, the historic Plaka neighborhood, you’ll come across Syntagma Square, the political center of modern Athenian life.

  4. Walking Through the Plaka The Old and the New

    While it would spoil the fun to go into too much detail, the Plaka is a truly wonderful place for a walking tour. Situated right at the bottom of the Acropolis, Nowhere else is the timelessness of the city more evident than in the narrow, twisted, winding pedestrian streets of the Plaka.  Though the stores, products, and restaurants may have changed, the image of all the people going about their business on the same streets in the same buildings doesn’t! It’s hard not to feel it as you stand in the place where democracy itself began. But that’s not to say there aren’t some more modern quirks to the neighborhood–just ask, and you’ll be led to what might seem to be a Cycladic island, right in the middle of Athens!

  5. Philoppapou Hill Time for Wine

    All of this walking is sure to build up a bit of an appetite. At the end of the walk, your guide will pick up some delicious wine and mezedes to snack on at the top of this beautiful hill overlooking Central Athens. The vista is truly astonishing, and the food and wine always hits the spot just a little bit more when taking in the scenery.

  6. Return

    After all this, it’s time to head home, and your guide will lead you back to your apartment (or, should you so desire, advise you the best route to another destination) to spend the rest of the day as you like.

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