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Few full-day trips can rival the Argolida Peninsula, where our tour takes you right into the cradle of the ancient Greek world. Destinations on the classic tour include visits to ancient metropolises such as Corinth, Mycenae, and Epidavros, in addition to an excellent lunch and leisurely stroll in the modern fishing town of Nafplion.


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    All about the Explore Argolida.

    There are few places on Earth with more history packed into a single day trip than Argolida. Our classic tour of Argolida includes visits to Corinth, its Acropolis, Mycenae, Nafplion, and Epidavros, some of the most important cities, places of worship, and sites in the entire ancient Greek world. That’s not all Argolida has to offer, though – if other historical treasures like Nemea or the Palamidi of Nafplion pique your interest, we offer up to 7 different guided tours including stops at numerous other sites, listed at the bottom of the Itinerary tab. Please inquire for more details!

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    1. Depart Athens

      Your driver will pick you up at your apartment at 8 AM

    2. Crossing Corinth A Quick Stop at the Bridge

      All our tours to the Argoloid start with a visit to the Corinth Canal, perhaps Europe’s most famous man-made waterway. The canal itself stretches only a narrow four miles, but in separating the Greek mainland from the famed Peloponnese Peninsula, marks an important historical boundary between territories of the sometimes friendly (but more often warring!) ancient Ionians and Peloponnesians. Whether you want to speed across, stop and admire the impressive vista of the Saronic and Corinthian Gulfs, or even bungee jump off the bridge, the Canal is an excellent start to all of our Argoloid tour experiences! 

      Want to lock your love? Bring a lock!

    3. Ancient Corinth 3000 Years and Counting

      One of the most important city-states of the Classical Greek World, the ruins at Ancient Corinth are nearly 3000 years old, dating as far back as the 8th Century BCE. It is one of the best-preserved and most extensively excavated sites in the world for its time period, and is a must-see for any Argoloid tour. The combination of awesome pieces of history–one can stand today on the same ground where St. Paul the Apostle spent nearly two years preaching–with beautiful contemporary views of beaches and coastlines can only be found here in Greece.

    4. Acrocorinth A Different Acropolis

      Like most ancient Greek cities, the heart and soul of Corinth lay in its acropolis, which is today one of the world’s best-preserved. Due to its strategic position on one of the area’s highest rocky outcrops, the “Acrocorinth” was continuously occupied by different peoples for thousands of years, so in addition to Greek ruins, one can also find remnants of the Byzantine, Frankish, Venetian, and Ottoman civilizations that later moved into the area. The same qualities that make it such a good military outpost make it an incredible modern site, where on a clear day. you can see miles and miles of beautiful Greek sea and landscape.

    5. Mycenae Cradle of Greek History

      Fans of Homer and Greek mythology probably know Mycenae from its place in ancient lore as the home of King Agamemnon, important leader in the Trojan War. In real-life, Mycenae was one of the first powerful cities of the ancient Greek world. The “Lion Gate” entrance to Mycenae is one of the world’s oldest continuously standing pieces of art, and the rest of the site is a treasure trove of ancient architecture and mythology, with other attractions including its still-standing “cyclopean” walls (so named because of the belief that only the mythical Cyclops had the strength to move its boulders), and the Treasury of Atreus, which was for a thousand years the largest man-made dome in the world.

    6. Naflpion A Destination of the Stomach

      In between all the ancient sites, a stop at Nafplion lets you enjoy the amenities of a modern town while walking down cobblestone streets surrounded by fascinating architecture blended from neoclassical Greek to the style of the Venetians that occupied it in the late middle ages to the Ottoman influences that came after that. Lunch in Nafplion is a food lover’s paradise, and whether you go for the best and freshest the Aegean Sea has to offer or some other alternative, it will surely be worth your time and appetite!

    7. Epidavros For the Theater Majors

      The last stop on this tour will send you to Epidavros, birthplace of the hospital! While a visit here will surely take you through and ancient Asklepeion, a temple dedicated to healing, the real attraction of Epidavros is its ancient theater, dating to the 4th Century BCE. The theater, which could hold up to 14,000 people at peak capacity, is so well preserved that it is still used for performances today! There is no feeling quite like hearing your voice boom and echo out into the distance from the same stage as the contemporaries of Sophocles and Aristophanes, the most legendary figures of Greek theater.

    8. Other Options Expanded Horizons

      While this itinerary describes our most popular ”classic” tour, we offer several other guided tour routes which may include the following:


      Home of the legendary Nemean Lion, slain by Heracles, modern Nemea is best known as one of Greece’s premier wine regions. At the center of the archaeological site at Nemea is its stadion, the just recently rediscovered site of the Nemean Games, sister to the ancient Olympics! Here, one can also find some beautifully preserved 2,500 year old graffiti (for the troublemakers!), along with the remains of an impressive temple of Zeus, and a small but excellent museum filled with artifacts and other fascinating historical nuggets.


      Believe it or not, after gaining independence from the Ottoman’s, Greece’s capital was not Athens, but Nafplion! While under Venetian control, Nafplion was a critical port in their maritime trade empire, and the Palamidi is the early 18th century castle they built overlooking the city to ensure its defense. Its view across the waters of the Argolic Gulf is truly unparalleled. The 999 step climb to the top is not for the faint of heart, but it is always an exciting and worthwhile journey!


      If interested, ask about our pottery lesson stop for more details. Great for families!

      Wine Tasting

      For the adults, there are several tours that include trips down the famous Nemean Wine Roads, and may also include visits to up to three authentic wineries, with tastings included!

      Summer Special

      Select nights during the summer season can be arranged to include attending a live performance from the ancient theater at Epidavros! Inquire for more details.

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    The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance.
    • Round Trip Transfers
    • Private Driver in Air Conditioned vehicle
    • Coffee or Tea Break En Route
    • Chilled Bottled Water
    • Lunch or Dinner
    • Admission Fees to Sites

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