Ancient Greeks: Computer Wizards?

One of the reasons I love the Peloponnese so much is that it has are so many hidden treasures that you would never expect to find outside of Athens! One of my favorites, since it’s #MuseumMonday, is the Museum of Ancient Greek Technology. It’s in a little town called Katakolo, right on the waters of the Adriatic Sea on the west coast of the peninsula. If we’re guiding you through the Peloponnese, you should definitely ask us about it, and if you’re not, well, it’s one of the reasons why you should! Did you know that the Greeks were building early computers over 2000 years ago? Seriously, go look up the Antikythera mechanism! Or that they had their own kind of cinema? That’s the kind of stuff you’ll find at this super-cool, out of the way destination, that also gives you a convenient excuse to check out the beautiful Peloponnesian countryside. Like I said, ask us about it!