No Day Like Beach Day!

Vacationing in Greece can be whatever you want it to be—anything from ultra busy and active to laid back, chill and relaxed. It’s exhilarating any way you take it. If you’re hoping to take a day or two to kick back in the sun on some warm Mediterranean waters, take some words of wisdom from Basil on the beaches we have here in Greece!

“Sandy beaches are overrated. Whenever I think of a sandy beach I remember that Rosana Dana bit from SNL. “You know when that grain of sand gets in your swimsuit?” Yeah, that one. Well, when you’re on a pebbly beach, or a rocky one, you never have that problem.

You won’t miss the sand when you’re on the lunar landscape of Sarakiniko on Milon. You can be on a beach by Areopolis in Lakonia, where the pebbles are as big and as round as white ostrich eggs. No sand there. And it’s no less of a beach, either. There are beaches that you can only get to by boat.

Blue beaches, black beaches, red beaches.There are beaches strewn with seaweed, silvery, soft, and dry. Seaweed so soft and so thick you could lay down to sleep on it and have the best rest of your life. In Greece, you can have any beach your heart desires.

They all have one thing in common.

The water laps onto your feet like a playful puppy calling you in to play.

The sapphire blue water is as clear and inviting.

So, take a dip.

Wherever you are.

Whatever time it may be.

Take a dip.

And if you still insist on a sandy beach, don’t worry. We got them too. From Stupa, one-time abode of Nikos Kazantzakis, to a place called Zacharo. What might that mean in Greek? Yes, you guessed it… sugar, because its sand is the color of light brown sugar, and the grains slip through your toes like a mountain of it.

There are stretches of sugary sand kilometers long in the Southwest Peloponnese. There is the best of the best, called Voidokoilia—ask us about it. The truth is, you can take all you want of this smorgasbord of beaches. You will not run out. So come to Greece and frolic by the sea.