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    Athens Experience

    Multiday trips

    Want to add an additional three days and two nights in Athens to your Greek road trip adventure? Carole and Basil's classic introduction to Athens is the perfect way to start or end your Greek holiday. Explore your options here.

    Knossos, Crete

      Multi-Day Tours: Beware the Minotaur!

      Multiday trips

      Greece has so much to offer, and one often has far too little time to conquer it all. With this week-plus vacation, travel to all the corners of the Greek world as you make visits to Athens and the islands…

        Multi-Day Tours: Classical Greece

        Multiday trips

        Sometimes there’s just too much to see and do in one day! With us, that won’t be a problem. With this pre-arranged road trip, the stress is taken all out of your hands as visits to the sites at Mycenae,…

        Mykonos Windmills, Greece, Vacation

          Multi-Day Tours: Explore the Islands

          Multiday trips

          Sometimes, the best things to do on a vacation don't show up on your basic TripAdvisor Top Ten lists. On this trip, make the jump between Mykonos, one of the most popular of the Cycladic islands, and the criminally underappreciated…

            Multi-Day Tours: Santorini and Athens

            Multiday trips

            Experience the best of both Athens and its most famous islands with this week-long trip that offers both several adventure-packed days in Athens and the surrounding area as well as leisurely stays on the Cycladic islands of Mykonos and Santorini.