Hydra: Where art is everywhere …


Where art is everywhere and cars are nowhere to be found!

One and a half hour boat ride from Athens brings you to a place of serenity and beauty.
This may change your life!
After all, after you visit, you may decide to live on Hydra (read on to discover who else made that choice).

Explore on foot … and only on foot (or by boat)

This charming, Saronic gulf island is motor and even bicycle free. I saw a woman chastising some unknowing person who was riding his bicycle that he had brought from the mainland. “This is a PEZODROMOS” she shouted to the man as he whizzed past us on the seafront pedestrian path that heads away from the port.

Art in many forms …

If I were to describe Hydra in one word, it would be “Art”.

Hydra inspired many artists as a subject to the concentration of galleries, public art, but it has also inspired those who bring us art, like the location scouts who scour the world looking for that perfect location for a film.

This is where the “Boy on a dolphin” with Sophia Loren and Alan Ladd, was filmed in 1957. Not much has changed since then, there are still no cars on the island and, barring the few roads that were opened up for the crew that filmed that famous film, it remains unchanged.

This is the place that the late Leonard Cohen made his home from 1960 until his death in 2016.

And not just Leonard Cohen …

Excerpt from HydraDirect

“Hydra attracts writers who appreciate its creative pedigree, atmosphere and charm of Hydra Island, Greece, established from the 1930s. Today’s writers follow in the footsteps of literary greats such as George Katsimbalis , the poet/diplomat Giorgos Seferis  who was a founding member of The Generation of the ’30s (1930’s). Novelists Henry Miller , Lawrence Durrell & travel writer Patrick Leigh Fermor who stayed with artist Nikos Hadjikyriakos-Ghikas (1940-50s). And in the 1960s, novelists, Axel JensenGeorge Johnston & journalist/writer Charmian Clift (1960s).

While living and writing on Hydra (1960-67), Leonard Cohen published one book of poetry, two novels and started to write the song ‘Bird On A Wire‘. He wrote much material for his songs during this period but none of it was recorded until after he left the island.”

Dozens of books have been written on or about the island. These titles may be a source of inspiration for traveling.

But there is a reason all these people made their home and took their inspiration from Hydra.

It’s natural beauty and serenity.

The only modes of transportation on the island are your own two feet, donkeys, mules and horses, mostly used for transporting goods and the boat-taxis that will take you to a destination or just around the island

If you are lucky enough to be staying on the island, you’ll discover that after the daytrippers get back on their ferries, the island gets quiet, the pace and the hubab of the port subsides and you might as well be living in the 1950.

Long walks by the seaside and incredible views will recharge your body and mind.

It seems that the pace of life is also reflected on the locals who are genuinely relaxed and kind. 

This is the island where the cats get their own seat at the table!