Is Greece on your “bucket list”?


You may want to rethink “Greece” on your bucket list

No, I’m not saying skip Greece. Read on …

We hate the phrase “bucket list”. It seems to signify the end of something.

It means “been there, done that, got that T-shirt.” Really though, its underlying meaning is something like, “I never have to do this again.”

Some of our clients start out like that, but many have since revised their point of view to “I never realized how such a small country has so much packed in it!”

Our clients have become our friends. They love to see what we will come up with next, be it the “discovery” of a new place, or a new story about an old place.

Carole will make sure you will get there safely and in comfort, that your accommodation selections will fit with your travel style, group make-up and budget, and that you’ll enjoy the best, most tantalizing foods.

She’ll make sure you see the right sites, meet the locals who share the most riveting stories, help you see the right angle for your photograph, and intrigue you with all kinds of interesting facts.

Our Real Greece team will make sure your trip is truly unforgettable. At the very end, you will leave already preparing for your next visit back. Because, as Odysseus so famously discovered, it is not the destination, but the voyage that is most important.

Let us help you live your own Odyssey.

Is it time to start planning & booking my trip to Greece?

We learned alot during the initial months of the Covid outbreak in 2020. We helped sort out shortend trips that were in process. We made sure that not a single one of our clients lost any of their trip investment. We made sure that they did not have to spend hours on hold trying to deal with cancellations. We’re prepared to continue advocating for our clients who have planned or are considering planning trips to Greece.

Can we plan a trip to Greece without dates certain?

Yes, we can get started with your itinerary using your best hoped for dates. Should those dates change, we don’t charge anything extra to change your travel dates. We can plan for 2021, and adjust to 2022, we can plan for summer and adjust to fall. The options for changing your travel dates are entirely up to you.

But I like to plan travel for myself

We know that for people with the time, travel planning can be a big, fun part of the vacation process. We understand that – after all, that’s how we ended up being travel planners and advisors. We love this stuff!

But the travel world has changed because of the pandemic, and leading travel authorities are now doubling down on their recommendation: individual travelers really do need a travel advisor. Someone who has up to the minute info regarding your specific destination and the skills, tools & resources to pivot your plans at a moment’s notice.

We’re here to be that specialized advisor, so if you’ve already planned your trip to Greece, reach out to us for a Trip Review.

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