Six Underrated Cycladic Islands Worth Visiting

The Cycladic Islands are home to some of the most iconic destinations in Greece. Think Santorini and Mykonos. While both islands are undeniably stunning, there are 39 islands total in the Cycladic, 24 of which are inhabited. This means that there is more to discover about the Cycladic Islands than what you see on pretty […]

Discover The Farm-To-Table Flavors Of The Peloponnese

The region of the Peloponnese is one of the most significant regions in Greece. As the mythical homeland of Ancient Greece, Peloponnese holds centuries of Greek traditions on its lands. The farmlands date back to historical times, and their rich soil has made the Peloponnese one of the top food destinations in the country. Ranging […]

Hydra: Where art is everywhere …

Where art is everywhere and cars are nowhere to be found! One and a half hour boat ride from Athens brings you to a place of serenity and beauty.This may change your life!After all, after you visit, you may decide to live on Hydra (read on to discover who else made that choice). Explore on […]

Is Greece on your “bucket list”?

You may want to rethink “Greece” on your bucket list No, I’m not saying skip Greece. Read on … We hate the phrase “bucket list”. It seems to signify the end of something. It means “been there, done that, got that T-shirt.” Really though, its underlying meaning is something like, “I never have to do […]

Nonstops to Greece from the US

What’s new in flights to Greece? United Airlines is adding three new flights to its international network, giving travelers more options for summer travel by flying direct to countries that are starting to reopen to vaccinated visitors. Starting in July, United will offer new direct flights from Washington Dulles International Airport to Athens, Greec (as […]

Why does ouzo turn white?

The ouzo effect Ouzo is well known as a Greek specialty, a strong apertif enjoyed throughout the country. Famously, it is known to change color from clear to milky white when water or ice is added to it. But why? This is a question that had bothered me for many years. Until recently, it was […]

Dine like a Greek

You’ve found a Greek taverna that looks good to you. There are lots of people eating there, so you know the food is fresh. Let’s look at the 5 simple rules you’ll need to master to best enjoy dining in a restaurant in Greece. Getting a table You survey the restaurant and locate an empty […]

Heritage and Memory – Focus on Jewish Greece

A ten-day virtual event, Heritage and Memory: A Focus on Jewish Greece, will be held January 27 – February 6, 2021 – bringing together the observance of International Holocaust Remembrance Day with Greece’s assumption of the Presidency of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA). The purpose of IHRA is to unite governments and experts to promote, […]

Melomakarona – Greek honey cookies

It’s this time of the year when the classic battle begins for all Greeks! Are you a melomakarona fan or kourabiedes lover? All the bakeries, pastry shops, zacharoplasteia start the production of the two most favorite festive Greek sweets. Now you can turn your kitchen into a Greek patisserie. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. […]