Ingredients needed for the alevropita: 

Tip: It is served as breakfast, snack or even regular meal, ideally accompanied by good tsipouro and a warm glowing fireplace 🙂 


Ingredients needed for the fasolakia ladera:

This is a recipe that will give you 5-6 servings (you can just use half the amount of the ingredients if you want to cook for less people)


Our secrets:

  1. Green beans are a delicate material and their unique taste will remain unique if you avoid water. I never put water in the pot. This is my big secret, I let them boil in their own liquids and in the juice of fresh tomatoes.
  2. Do not stir – as this will break the fasolakia down to pieces. You can lightly shake the pot from the handles and gently stir. Slow cooking is also necessary so that they do not melt and keep whole. As for the tomato juice, the potatoes will absorb everything during cooking and the result will be delicious! Cooked beans are stored, after cooling, in the refrigerator for 2 days or in the freezer for months