A Note From Us

A note from us before you sign …

It has been 14 years since we began opening our first vacation home to strangers from across the globe. Over these 14 years, we have made many new friends, and have enjoyed sharing our Athena, helping our guests plan their holidays and mapping out walks off the beaten path. Our guests come from all over the world; they come as families, in couples, as groups of friends traveling together, as coworkers on assignment — they come to Athens for holidays, for a reunion, a wedding or for work – they are all different, but they share one or two common traits:

Our guests may choose a self catering private apartment because they want to be a little bit off the beaten path. They may want the freedom to fill their fridge, cook their breakfast, relax on their own veranda. They may want a place to linger over a coffee, planning the day’s activities, they may want to shop where the locals shop, eat where the locals eat. In other words, they may want to be Athenian for a few days, or a week or two. Part of the experience in a self catering apartment is going to the farmer’s market and finding the fresh picks of the day, exploring another culture through the experience of “living” within that culture.

Our homes offer the opportunity to “be Athenian” for a time, while living in the comfort of a modern, luxury apartment. This means that though we provide the “hardware” to make your stay comfortable, we don’t provide the “disposables”, such as toilet paper, soap, cleaning supplies, etc. We’ll make sure you have enough for your first day or so, but, we aren’t a hotel, so when you arrive, you need to plan on heading out to the grocery store for supplies. Our apartments are often stocked with spices and cleaning supplies, which are there for you to use, but it also means that you need to respect the next guest (which is often us!) and replace what you deplete. If this makes you uncomfortable or you are expecting something different, a private apartment rental may not be the best option for your visit.  

The second item we want you to consider before you sign is that our penthouses are in apartment buildings with other private homes. This means that the other units are occupied by Athenians who live and work here. It means that between the hours of 2:30 and 5:30 pm we need to respect the custom of siesta, and not make a lot of noise. It means when coming into the building, and moving about the building, being quiet and respectful of the neighbors. It means locking terrace doors and front entrance doors, and not shouting into the phone while sitting on the veranda. It also mean between 9:00 pm in the evening until 8 am, observing respectful noise levels, not playing load music or holding parties.  

If this makes you uncomfortable, we urge you to consider accommodations in a hotel, as a private home rental may not be the best option for your visit.

If you feel comfortable with these requests, by all means, send us the reservation agreement, get yourself a copy of “Dinner with Persephone” to read or rent “Zorba the Greek”, and let us help you plan the experience of a lifetime – we promise you won’t be disappointed.

Kalo taxidi (Happy Travels!)

Carole and Basil Kezios