Month: March 2019


25th of March, Happy Greek Independence Day!

If you’re anywhere in Greece this week you’ve certainly noticed the Greek flags flying. Like everywhere in the world, a country’s independence day calls for celebration. Greece is no different, and in fact, Greek Independence Day is celebrated beyond the capital, across the country - and across the ocean in cities and towns with large Greek descent populations (although some cities, like Chicago, delay their celebration until they can be…


Greek revolution 3/25/1821: Historical Elements

Everyone’s always talking about Greek summers. But for me, the Springtime in Greece is pure drama: it’s got all of the elements of a heart pounding, cinematographically breathtaking Hollywood movie (which in fact, is being released this month around the US - but that’s the subject of another post!) We pass from the Carnival period, to Greek Independence, followed by Greek Easter - all set amongst a backdrop of blooming…