Can we help with your travels?

Looking to travel to Greece? Overwhelmed by the options & the internet? Wish you could click your heels and be sipping wine overlooking the magical Mediterranean? Let us take the stress of planning and leave you to enjoy the journey. 

With your input, we create custom and tailor made travel packages. Our process is simple, yet thorough:

We’ll ask you for 15 – 20 minutes of your time on the phone to see if we’re a good fit. If we are, we’ll send a link to some questions that you and your traveling companions can complete – we know questionnaires can be boring & tedious, but we’ve found that this helps us understand your travel style better, and puts our planning on the right track. 

Next we’ll send a summary follow-up, with initial proposed ideas. Based on your feedback, including your budget, we’ll get out our ‘little black book’ of Greek travel secrets – our favorite boutique hotels or family villas, hidden gem guesthouses or luxury escapes and check with our favorite licensed archaeological experts and most charming private drivers … depending on your answers we’ll check on our favorite culinary experience providers and family friendly history & mythology storytelling guides … We’ll package this into a logical route that makes the most of your time without sacrificing your style or compromising the pace that fits your specific vision. 

Once we’ve planned, proposed and tweaked, we’ll take care of all of your bookings so you only need concern yourself with your international air-tickets and pack your bag.

Your final itinerary will include the total cost of your trip with:

  • Accommodations
  • Private drivers, guides, tours & site admission
  • Rental cars (if desired)
  • Ferry and domestic flights
  • Cultural experiences
  • Restaurant reservations
  • Pre-trip Greek cultural preparation, insider information & reading lists
  • Concierge services on call while on the ground in Greece
  • Mobile itinerary app with your daily schedule, map links for restaurants and other on your own activities

We charge a one time itinerary planning fee to get us started working on your trip. This covers our time and the research we do to create a your dream holiday.