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Walking Acropolis

Acropolis & City Full Day Tour

This 8 hour, full day walking tour through the center of Athens, led by our expert guide, shows you nearly everything you can see and learn about the historic city…

Silver Mercedes Van, Athens, RealGreece


Whether you've had a long overseas journey or a quick flight from an island, there is nothing quite like arriving in Athens to find a friendly smiling face waiting to…

Amazing Greece, Southen Greece Explored

An exclusive Real Greece hosted journey 9 days/8 nights  Monday September 24  to Tuesday October 2 This private journey features local experts, chefs & vitners (and the occasional know it…


A Taste of Greece: Foodie Walking Feast Tour

This incredible tour is a walking feast through the Athenian market district, from breakfast through lunch. You won’t find anything else quite like this – explore the food of the…


Three Island Cruise

Many people ask us about visiting an island or two during their stay. With the Three Island Cruise, you can spend an entire day exploring three very different -- but…

Greece By Foot

Let our private guides take you on a journey through the history, the culture and the flavors of Greece, both ancient and modern.

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